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Our Clinicians

Dameon Gilfillan, BS, LADC

Dameon is knowledgeable in addiction issues and helping people integrate cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) skills into a working recovery program. In addition to working in both residential and outpatient settings, Dameon holds certifications in ASI, CASI, and the Duluth Model of domestic violence. Dameon graduated with a Bachelor’s of Behavioral Science in 2013.

Jody Gilfillan, MAA, LADC

Jody has been working in the field of substance abuse as a therapist since 1980. Jody is a respected clinician, educator, and supervisor and has extensive experience in working with all levels of care including residential and outpatient.

Kendra Bishop, LADC

Kendra is a licensed substance use counselor from Lincoln, NE. Kendra holds a degree in Human Services and is currently continuing her education at Nebraska Wesleyan University for Social Work. She has experience in both residential and outpatient treatment services settings and substance use evaluations. Kendra strives to serve underserved populations and is an advocate for those in need of support.

Tammy Dirks, LMHP, LADC

Derek Outson, PLADC

Tara Luedtke, BA, PLADC

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