Our Clinicians
Jody Gilfillan, MAA, LADC

Jody has been working in the field of substance abuse as a therapist since 1980. Jody is a respected clinician, educator, and supervisor and has extensive experience in working with all levels of care including residential and outpatient.

Dameon Gilfillan, BS, LADC

Dameon is knowledgeable in addiction issues and helping people integrate cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) skills into a working recovery program. In addition to working in both residential and outpatient settings, Dameon holds certifications in ASI, CASI, and the Duluth Model of domestic violence. Dameon graduated with a Bachelor’s of Behavioral Science in 2013.

Travis Austin, BS

Travis is currently a Case Manager and Technician Supervisor at Alcohol and Drug Solutions.  Travis has earned a Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in
Education as well as a Certificate in Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counseling from Southeast Community College.

Travis is passionate about helping individuals reach the outcomes they set for themselves to achieve their personal goals.  Travis has a unique background that incorporates education and substance abuse treatment.  He has worked in the public school setting for over 6 years as a Special Education Teacher and understands the importance of working with a diverse background of individuals.  This has allowed him to appreciate the importance of different
learning styles, interests, motivation and individual abilities.  More recently his work with individuals in recovery strengthened his knowledge of the 12 Step Program of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous as well as the Addictions Severity Index.
Travis is passionate about helping people improve their lives while managing their recovery.  He
is excited to help individuals that may be struggling with substance use as well as life transitions.  His goal is to help individuals cope with life's ups and downs and learn to empower
themselves on their path to recovery.  Building a strong support network and connections to the community are a key to success.

Kendra B.,

Who We Are

Alcohol and Drug Solutions is...
  • ASI & CASI Certified

  • State of Nebraska Probation Vouchers Accepted

  • All counselors are on the Nebraska Provider's List